🛠️ VitNode is still in development! You can try it out, but it is not recommended to use it now in production.
🖌️ Themes


VitNode allows you to create your own theme which allows user to change the look of the page.


Make sure you have developer mode enabled.

Plugin schema

When you're created a theme VitNode will clone files form the default theme.

        • theme.json
  • Exclude from update

    VitNode has own update system for templates in themes. If you want to exclude from update just add to the top of the file // ! no-replace.

    // ! no-replace
    import type { ReactNode } from "react";
    interface Props {
      children: ReactNode;
    export default function Layout({ children }: Props) {
      return <main className="flex-grow">{children}</main>;

    Do not use // ! no-replace in the root theme (ID: 1).