🛠️ VitNode is still in development! You can try it out, but it is not recommended to use it now in production.


Hi! Thank you so much if you are here. That's meen you want to contribute to this project.

How to contribute

  1. Helping others with issues and pull requests,
  2. Translating the project,
  3. Creating new features,
  4. Fixing bugs,
  5. Improve the docs


To contribute to this project, you need to have:

⚠️ Hardware Requirements

Requirements is little bit higher than the requirements for running the project, because in Developer Mode we're using more resources.

CPU1GHz (2+ core)1GHz (4+ core)


Before you start, please read the fiew rules:

  1. Please use only English in this project (Except translations),
  2. Use only the npm for package manager,
  3. Don't use any other packages from npm. If you want to use something, please open an discution here (opens in a new tab),

Code Formatter

We're recomended to use VSCode (opens in a new tab) as IDE. Your IDE should have installed this plugins:

To format your code, open terminal and use:

npm run lint:fix

This command also work in backend and frontend folders.

Dev Mode

If you want to test your changes, you can do it by enable the dev mode.



This page is in progress.

hooks.ts conflicts

If you have conflicts in hooks.ts file, delete the file and run pnpm codegen command.